Hans Hobson

Class of 1997

Hans Hobson is the Executive Director for the Tennessee State Soccer Association. He is responsible for oversight and management of the not-for-profit organization that governs recreational, competitive (travel), and adult soccer program in the state of Tennessee.  The Association is responsible for state sanctioned events such as the competitive State Cup, recreational tournaments, member governance, liability and accident insurance coverage, and risk management oversight and guidance. 

A 1997 grad, Hans was a Physical Education major who played soccer at Emory & Henry for 3 years. 

He has a strong belief in the role that sports can play in a young person’s life. Hans credits much of his success and beliefs to Fred Selfe, Bob Johnson, Dr. Margaret Hutson.  Hans recalls a story while at Emory & Henry when he and other soccer players were competing in a relay race.  The winners got to leave practice early and avoid further fitness fun.  Hans states, “I remember that our soccer coach was not looking and I cut the corner on a cone to catch my team up.”  At the same time coach Fred Selfe was walking by with the football team and coach stated,  “Hobson you are only cheating yourself.”  In that moment he recalls feeling completely moved to go back and finish because he surely did not want to cheat himself and Coach Selfe. 

“I think about these three individuals in my job daily and how they would handle situations.  I was blessed to be around people that truly cared not only about our mental development but about our personal growth as well. These 3 people influenced me more than they will ever know.  I hope they know just how many people they influence still today as they look down on us from heaven.”

Hans came to E&H from Martinsville, Virginia, and is a champion for lessons learned in a liberal arts environment. “My college education taught me how to think freely and to interact with those who may have different opinions in a manner that is still respectful and loving.  We don’t seem to do this anymore today.  It is okay to disagree, but how you treat those who disagree can and often does affect your legacy.  That is something that Coach Johnson taught me.  He was a great man who focused on the mission, vision, values, and legacy.  Know where you are going and how to get there.  If you can show others and get them to believe then there is nothing they won’t do for you.”

Hans and his wife, Erin, and three boys, Landon, Isaac, and Levi, are often found on the soccer field (“Where else, right?!”).   They are members of the Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee, and they enjoy any spare time with family. 

  • Hans Hobson, E&H Class of 1997, with his family.

“I was blessed to be around people that truly cared not only about our mental development but about our personal growth as well.”

– Hans Hobson, E&H Class of 1997


Physical Education