Board of Trustees

Following is a list of the individuals who were members of the Board of Trustees and who provided charitable support to the college during the fiscal year 2022-2023. The members marked with an asterisk (*) supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time period.

Emily Blesi Anderson
John W. Ashworth III*
Eugene Beck*
Kyra Kegley Bishop*
Buford R. “Beau” Blevins*
Jeoff B. Bodenhorst*
Stephen Earl Callahan
Henri Lee Cancio-Fitzgerald*
Harold E. Craw
Kathryn Copenhaver Davidson*
Linda Altom Drinkard*
John E. Eldridge*
Peter G. Gerry*
January Dendi Haile*
T. Rick Hughes
Oliver W. Jordan
Tyler Garrett Kidd*
Larry J. Lenhart*
Catherine L. Lowe*
Molly Metke Luton*
Cynthia Massingale
Elliott Moore*
Israel Dean O’Quinn
Cynthia Kennedy Reedy*
Ann Elizabeth Sluder*
Michael A. Spiegler*
Jane E. Taylor*
Stewart A. Taylor*
Samuel Thomas Terry, Jr.*
Robert Warren Thomas-Garcia
Karen Griffey Todd*
Donna Proffit Vaughn*
John Wells*
L. Carole Wharton*
George A. Whitley
Brian David Wolfe*
Jeffrey W. Wright*