9–9:45 a.m. Concurrent Sessions I

ScienceFest (Session A)
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 102
Cortisol Levels of Cats in Rescues
Haleigh Pruett

Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in the gut flora (Enterobacteriaceae) of Wild and Domesticated Horses
Madison McKinsey 

Transforming Tropaeolum majus with the Galanthus nivalis agglutinin (GNA) gene
Kieran Liseski

Synthesis of Long Chain Internal Alkyne Ionic Liquids
Nathan Neisius

Intern Your Way To A Great Career 
Byars Hall 018
Samantha Handy, Sarah Ingram, Melissa Jones, Moises Martinez, Eva Meyer, Laura Mister, Christina Mitchell, Savion Stone, Katie Graves

The Efficacy of Pre-Employment Drug Screenings 
Byars Hall 121 
Vangie Borchert (with Dr. Chris Qualls)

Senior English Capstone: Analyzing the Work of Lee Smith 
Byars Hall, Calliopean Room 
Nina Kerr, Melody Lipford, Rachel Tucker

The Impact of the Chariot in the Ancient World
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 147
Chad Brink

Pervasive Thoughts
First floor hallway, Byars Hall
Sam Page