1:30–2:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions IV

Teacher Preparation ePortfolio and Action Research Capstone Projects Showcase 
Kelly Library 
Kaitlyn Booher, Allison Hayter, Brittany Lawson, Lindsay Pratt, Matthew Cody White
Carter Harlow, Will Harrison-Burris, Brett Holmes, Haley Huffman, Brianna Pierce, Makenzie Wampler, Peyton Roberts, Caleb Smiley

Research in Exercise Science
Byars Hall 018
Grayson McCarty, Derrick Yates, Abigail Smiley, Ashton Shutters, Erikah Shutters, Erica Grupp, Austin Oyler

Contemporary Research on LGBTQ+ Issues Session A: The Individual in Society
Byars Hall 121
It’s Worth It: The Biopsychosocial Aspects of Being Transgender and Transitioning
Jay Lawson

Illuminating the Margins: An intersectional analysis of the barriers to accessing existing support services for intimate partner violence (IPV) survivors in same-sex relationships in the Tri-Cities area & recommendations for advancement
Katherine Meyers

Feminist Analysis in Practice: Dating, Sports, and Family Planning
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 147
Jess Branks, Claire Hogg, Neha Rai, Jada Penn

Student Poster Presentations: Environmental Monitoring
Kelly Library 
Autumn Matney, Bradley Hutton, Chloe Yates, Corey Davis, Emily Deskins, Esa Pitts, Henry Dalby, Miles Harrison, Jackson Kaze, Bradley Puccio, Jacob Booth, Megan Truslow, Noah Dean, Samantha Caudell, Taylor Blevins, Toby Robson, Rebecca Morehouse.

Student Poster Presentations: Environmental & Societal Impacts of Climate Change and Potential Pathways of Adaptation & Mitigation
Kelly Library 
Abby Mills

Honors Showcase
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 102
Manufacturing Investment Opportunities in South America.
Elizabeth “Brice” Quillen

Evangelical Christianity and the Misconception of a Christian Nation
John King

The Relationship Between Contact Sports and Memory and Cognition in College Students
Emerald Pullon