3:30–5 p.m. Student Showcase

Kennedy-Reedy Theater, McGlothlin Center for the Arts
View the live stream here *Note live stream will begin 15 minutes before the event*

Kauhlil King, Master of Ceremonies

Music by Grace Notes, a student-led A Cappella group at Emory & Henry College, formally established in the Spring of 2018.

The Politics of ‘Friendship’: A Re-examination of Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Cold War

Melissa “Missy” Jones

Adviser: Prof. Matthew Shannon, History

Can heads of state really be friends? After researching this topic I want to offer a new analytic framework for the Kennedy-Khrushchev relationship. The “friendship” framework offers a rebuttal to the historiographic school of “Kennedy Revisionism” and the international relations theory of Realism. Ultimately, it is a re-examination of how the two leaders resolved the crises over Berlin in 1961-62 and the signing of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963.

Learning Outside of the Box

Meg Greene

Advisers: Profs. DC Cobler and Beth Funkhouser, Athletic Training

Global learning not only expands one’s knowledge of other cultures, it also enhances personal development, and allows for education opportunities that may not have been possible in the United States. Beyond the opportunities for personal and career growth, one of the most rewarding reasons to study abroad is to make new friends and establish new connections, both internationally and in the U.S. While traveling abroad to London with King’s College, I was able to expand my knowledge on the culture of London and surrounding cities, while also doing what I love, Athletic Training.

Bang for the Buck: The Economic Impact of People Inc. in Virginia

Mason Boyd

Adviser: Prof. Deborah Spencer, Economics

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in society, and many must continually increase their service area, as well as the services provided, to ensure that those people most in need receive help. In this project I worked closely with People Inc., a nonprofit whose work spans the Commonwealth of Virginia, to conduct an economic impact analysis. Such an analysis is often out of reach for nonprofits due to the cost, but is invaluable for them in understanding their impact in the regions where they work and estimating the economic impact of future expenditures.

That’s Gonna Hurt!: A Retrospective Longitudinal Statistical Analysis of Injuries within the 2017-2019 NFL Seasons

Colin Foley and Tristian Crockett

Advisers: Profs. DC Cobler and Beth Funkhouser, Athletic Training

Looking for risk factors for athletes is always a priority as an athletic trainer. While watching football one Sunday afternoon we wondered, how do different factors influence the number of injuries in the NFL? Our research ultimately examined two NFL seasons to see if there is anything that may influence injury rates with these athletes, looking specifically at variables such as time zone change for games and recovery time.

Global Citizenship: How Emory & Henry Paved the Way

Elizabeth “Brice” Quillen

Advisers: Profs. Gonzalo Baptista, Spanish; Ed Davis, Geography; Kyle Macione, Management; Denise Stanley, Accounting

As Emory & Henry students we have incredible opportunities to make a global impact. In this presentation I would like to share some of the contributions I have been able to make in Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Southwest Virginia and encourage others to take advantage of the opportunities offered here to make a difference as well.