Brianna Chessock

Class of 2018

Brianna Chessock graduated from E&H in May 2018 and headed to Brazil to teach English for the summer before starting her first year of teaching.  While at E&H Brianna was a member of the swim team and completed her endorsement in Elementary Education PK-6 and Middle School English 6-8.  She teaches 4th grade in Caroline County Public Schools, Bowling Green, VA. 

Extracurricular Activities:

Swim Team

As for Brazil, it was amazing! It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had and I’m really glad I did it.  I felt that I was more prepared to help teach there effectively and I also think I was able to take away more from the experience in the school since I am already comfortable in a school setting after student teaching.  This trip allowed me to compare American schools with Brazilian schools.


Brianna with her students in Brazil Brianna enjoying the local cuisine in Brazil. Brianna with other faculty in Brazil. Brianna with High School students in Brazil. Brianna Chessock with students in Brazil, Summer 2018


B.A. Interdisciplinary English


Winston-Salem, NC