Shelby Carico

Class of 2016

Shelby completed her undergraduate degree at Emory & Henry and received her teaching endorsement in Music, Instrumental PK-12.  After graduating from E&H, she went on to receive a Masters in Trumpet Performance at Ohio University and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Trumpet Performance, Pedagogy & Literature at James Madison University.  She is a Doctoral Teaching Assistant in the JMU School of Music working mainly with undergraduate music majors, but also assisting in general education courses with 200+ enrolled students. 

Extracurricular Activities:

Wind ensemble, Brass ensemble, Brass quintet, Trumpet ensemble, Marching band, Alpha Phi Omega

I will forever cherish the experiences that I had as a student at Emory & Henry! The courses that I took, and the incredible professors and faculty members that I worked with at E&H have helped me to feel prepared and comfortable teaching in a PK-12 environment, and also helped me to easily adapt to the challenges that I have faced in teaching courses and students at the undergraduate level.


B.A. Music


Norton, VA