Devin Mitchell

I have enjoyed my time here at Emory & Henry. Working with the Art Department I have met incredible people. Smaller studio class sizes allowed me to form a strong bond with my fellow students and professors.

I chose to come to Emory & Henry because of the campus and size. A smaller campus appealed to me more than a larger campus for a number of reasons. One is the relationships I was able to form with fellow students and faculty. I was able to receive proper mentorship from my professors. A mentorship I feel one would not receive from a larger school.

While at Emory & Henry, I have worked for the McGlothlin Center for the Arts curatorial and gallery attendant team. Working in the art gallery has allowed me many great opportunities. I have learned many valuable skills from helping install a total of 15 shows since beginning my studies at Emory & Henry.

Class of:



Art Major, History Minor


Sugar Grove, Va


Sugar Grove, VA