Geography-Social Sciences (B.A.)

GEOG 111 Human Geography (3) 
GEOG 201X Weather and Climate (3) 
GEOG 221 Fundamentals of Economic Geography (3) 
One course from: (3)
GEOG 322 Environmental Policy
GEOG 331 Geography of the U.S. and Canada

GEOG 450 Seminar (3)
RELG 212 Asian Religions (3)
One course from: (3)
GEOG 350X Selected Topics in Geography and Earth Science
HIST 205 Historical Methods
SOCI 330 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality

HIST 110 Modern World History (3)
HIST 111 American History to 1861 (3)
HIST 112 American History Since 1861 (3)
Two courses from:
POLS 103Politics of the United States
POLS 105Introduction to International Relations
POLS 225 Comparative Politics in the Middle East and North Africa
HIST 318 Appalachia
SOCI 221 Cultures and Peoples
Two courses from: (6)
ECON 151 Principles of Economics I
ECON 152 Principles of Economics II
HIST 220 Economic History of the U.S. 
Two courses from economics, history, sociology, geography, political science, or religion* (6)
Total 48
Additional Requirements
One course from: (3-4)
MATH 123 Precalculus (3)
MATH 151 Calculus I (4)
One course from: (4)
STAT 161 Introduction to Statistics
STAT 162 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
STAT 163 Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

*Chosen in consultation with the advisor.

Students planning to pursue graduate study are encouraged to take Statistics 161 or 162.

The college computer proficiency requirement is met by Computer Information Management 140.