Health & Physical Education-Teacher Preparation (B.A.)

Departmental Requirements:
HHP 220 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3)
HHP 232 School and Community Health (3)
HHP 261 Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology (3)
HHP 335 Physical Education for Exceptional Children (3)
HHP 412 Skills and Techniques in Teaching Physical Education (3)
Ten physical education activity courses* (5)
Total 35
Additional Requirements:
BIOL 310 Exercise Physiology (4)
SOCI 226 Marriage and Family (3)
MATH 121 College Algebra (3)

* The student must take a swimming proficiency test or a class in swimming (154, 156, 158) as one of the ten activity courses.

The senior project for students in the four year program is supervised student teaching.

Students in the five year program add HHP 336 for the senior project.  

Licensure Requirements:
EDUC 114 Introduction to Education (1)
EDUC 115 Early Field Experience (.5)
EDUC 115 Early Field Experience (.5)
EDUC 305 Human Growth and Development (3)
EDUC 320 Technology and Instructional Design (3)
EDUC 440 Seminar: Teaching in Secondary School (2)
EDUC 441 Supervised Teaching in Secondary School (10)
EDUC 445 Foundations of Education (3)
EDUC 449 Reading, Writing and Instruction in Content Areas (3)
EDUC 450 Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary School (3)
Total 32
Additional Requirements
One course from: (3)
HIST 111 American History to 1861*
HIST 112 American History since 1862*
STAT 161 Introduction to Statistics** (4)
EDUC 401 Practicum in Education (2)

*Met as Modes of Inquiry Core Requirement.

**Statistics 161 is required in addition to the mathematics requirement in the major.

The student should select core courses to meet state licensure requirements while fulfilling college graduation requirements.

Education 440, 441, and 450 are taken in the professional semester.

Student Teaching is the senior project for teacher preparation, but individual departments may have additional senior project requirements.

For an add-on endorsement in driver education, the student must take Health & Human Performance 241 and 341.