History (B.A.)

HIST 205 Historical Methods (3)
HIST 305 Approaching World History (3)
Three courses, including at least one U.S. Survey from: (9)
HIST 105 World History to 1500 CE
HIST 110 Modern World History
HIST 111 American History to 1861
HIST 112 American History Since 1861
HIST 122 Modern Europe
HIST 123 America and the World
HIST 162 China
HIST 164 The Modern Middle East
Two courses from: (12)
HIST 210 Archaeology and Prehistory
HIST 220 Economic History of the U.S.
HIST 232 Myth, Magic and Ritual in the Ancient World
HIST 234 Comparative Slavery and Race Relations in the Americas
HIST 251 Perspectives in History
HIST 306 The Old South
HIST 307 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 309 Studies in U.S. Women’s History
HIST 310X History of Christianity
HIST 316 History and Geography of Virginia and Tennessee
HIST 318 Appalachia HIST 319 Colonial and Revolutionary America
HIST 320 Middle Period of America
HIST 321 Ancient Greece
HIST 322 Ancient Rome
HIST 324 Medieval Europe
HIST 335 The History of Race in the United States
HIST 336 International Cold War
HIST 340 History of England
HIST 350 Special Topics
HIST 352X Jesus
One course from:* (3-6)
HIST 450 Seminar
HIST 460 Independent Study
HIST 470 Internship
HIST 490 Honors Thesis
Two History electives**
Total 36-39
Additional Requirement
One course from: (4)
STAT 161 Introduction to Statistics
STAT 162 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
STAT 163 Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

*Double majors may substitute a 400-level capstone course in their other major, but must take an additional 200 or 300 level history course if they make this substitution.

**Students majoring only in history.

As many as two of the elective courses may be chosen from Social Sciences disciplines (Business Administration, Economics, Geography, Mass Communications, Political Science, and Public Policy and Community Service) and applied to the B.A. in History degree provided those courses are not counted toward another major and are approved by the advisor and the department chair.