Krista Dover

Class of 2008

Dreams of a great office usually include thoughts of a corner view or antique furnishings. Krista Dover got an office where location is key: she’s in Guatemala.

As the Executive Director for Clean Water for the World (CWFW), Krista loves being near some of the very people who are served by her work. “The people are great and the countryside is beautiful.”

The story of CWFW is pretty cool: Jerry and Judy Bohl had been doing community work in marginalized communities in developing nations and they noticed volunteers were given bottled water while children living in the community were drinking contaminated water from the tap. This led to the Bohls  developing  a small-sized water purifier that could be used in communities without potable water.

Krista is now the person in charge of this organization that seeks to provide clean water, and she says her job is part fundraiser, part educator, part sales person. She helps communities understand the need for installing the purifier, she aids in explaining how the equipment should be used, and, of course, she’s always raising money to put the systems in place.

In fact, in the spring of 2019, Krista worked with then E&H Senior, Brice Quillen (Class of 2019) to organize a “Walk for Water” on the E&H campus to raise awareness for the cause and money for the mission.

Worldwide, the organization has installed nearly 300 systems in only 10 years, mostly in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Haiti.

Krista began a career of service to others as a US2 Global Mission Intern through the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries.  In 2016 she wrote a book on farms in Guatemala, and traveled back to her alma mater to do a lyceum on the topic.

Now she lives in the very place she is working to serve, and she loves the work she’s doing. She  has seen first-hand what a difference clean water can make not only to individuals, but also to a community.

Krista doesn’t have to walk farther than her own sink to be reminded of why her work is important. “How many times a day do we go to the tap for a drink of water, and think nothing of it. That’s just not how it is for everyone.”

  • Krista Dover, E&H '08, standing in a stream.
    Krista Dover, E&H '08, standing in a stream.



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