Brotherhood, Sisterhood, & Siblinghood

Throughout your college experience at Emory & Henry College, the friendships that our members make within their chapters are the ones that last a lifetime. Whether you came to college not knowing a single person or knowing several people, the opportunity to be a part of a brotherhood, sisterhood, and siblinghood transcends your E&H college experience. 

Brotherhood, sisterhood, and siblinghood are the bonds of unity and friendship that lasts a lifetime. These bonds are not only among members for each individual chapter, but among chapters around the nation, due to the history and the ideals that each chapter was founded upon. 

By becoming a member of the Greek community, you will meet people who will grow to become our closest friends; those who will cheer you on when you’re successful and who will support you when the going gets tough. Lifelong friendships and associations are made through active participation in a Greek organization. 

These relationships are deeper than going to parties and more meaningful than wearing the same letters. They are about growth and development of individuals as they begin their lives at Emory & Henry College. Each new member brings their unique talents to their organization and is valued and respected for the way they are.