Hayden Hale

Class of 2019 Written by Michael Lane

Hayden Hale was always a curious sort.  Sometimes he was curious about why he was in a class, but most of the time he was just curious about what was going on.  Now, in his first year at the Virginia-Maryland Collage of Veterinary Medicine, he is putting his love of learning and passion for animals to work as he studies small animal medicine.  Reflecting on the past and future Hayden says, “Five years ago, I thought chemistry was annoying, and I didn’t care what things did below the molecular level. The E&H professors made chemistry fun and interesting and showed me the cool things it can actually do and lead me towards the major. While I have chosen a more biology focused career, I have come to value my understanding of the driving force behind the biology, and I feel I will continue to value it more and more as the semesters come.”  

  • Hayden Hale
    Hayden Hale

The depth of learning and ability to think critically around a subject will drive my ability to do well over the next four years. Having talked to a few students with various backgrounds, the small scale environment, and professors of Emory & Henry, I feel, will have a larger impact on my skills as a clinician, than I would have previously thought.


Chemistry and Biology


Johnson City, TN


Blacksburg, Va