Completion of State Licensing and Credentialing Forms and Letters of Recommendation

Upon graduation and passing the PANCE, and sometimes even sooner, students will be applying for state licensure, credentialing, employment. These applications require the  Program and College to submit information directly to these agencies.

  • Completion of the Program specific Consent for Release of Information is required prior to completion and submission of any letters of recommendation, state licensing forms, credentialing applications, etc.
    • The Consent form is available to all students in the EValue system.
    • Many state licensing and credentialing agencies require detailed information regarding academic and discipline (i.e., behavioral) records. Consent for release of this information must be indicated on the form.
    • A separate Consent for Release of Information form is required for each agency.
  • It may take up to two weeks for the College to complete and submit Verification of Education Forms (required for state licensure).
  • All forms from the program must be submitted directly to the agency requested.