Graduate Student

Emory & Henry College offers several graduate student programs located on our main campus.

American History (M.A.Ed): The American history program meets the Virginia requirements for eligibility to teach Advanced Placement (AP), concurrent enrollment, and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in American history at the high school level as well as first-year and sophomore courses at college level. 

Professional Studies (M.Ed): This program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to receive both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years. The master’s degree - an M.Ed. in Professional Studies- can be attached to any major or undergraduate degree. 

Reading Specialist (M.A.Ed): This degree expands and improves students’ skills as teachers of reading and meets the Virginia requirements for an add-on endorsement as a reading specialist. The program provides intense, and detailed training in formal reading assessment while providing additional experiences with informal instruments for assessing reader development. Students are trained to be more than reading teachers; they are also trained as literacy leaders. 

5-Year B.A./M.A. in Community & Organizational Leadership (M.A.COL): Undergraduate students can receive a B.A. in their chosen field and obtain an M.A.COL degree in just one additional year. This interdisciplinary Master’s degree will prepare students for leadership positions in a variety of organizations, including non-profits and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, community organizations as well as private companies. Degrees in the social sciences are particularly relevant, but the program is open to any Emory & Henry student who meets the requirements.

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