Take the Math Placement Test

Take the Math Placement Test


You need to take the placement test in order for your academic advisor to place you in the appropriate math course(s). Unless one of the following:

  • AP Exam score(s) from an AP math related course can be provided
  • SAT and/or ACT official test scores can be provided

You need to take the math placement exam if:

  • You do not relate to one of the above
  • You have SAT/ACT test scores, but wish to take Math 123 (precalculus) or Math 151 (calculus)

We have an online placement test through mymathtest.com. The test is progressive, so its length and difficulty changes based on which problems you get correct. Go to mymathtest.comYou will need the following information:

A valid E&H email address to use as your username.
• Our school’s zip code: 24327 and name: Emory & Henry College
• Program ID (All 0 are zeros): XL3U-J1IY -301Z-70W2

Helpful Details for Math Placement Test

You have the choice of two tests, depending on which class you are trying to test into. There is a scientific calculator built into the system. Do not use a graphing calculator. You can take the test up to 3 times. There are online lessons to help you with the material you need to learn. For fall placement you need to pass the test previous to the Sunday before classes begin. Taking the test is subject to the E&H Honor code. Cheating will put you in a class where it will be hard to succeed, and you can be subject to honor court.

If you want to enroll in Calculus II or above. Please contact the Math department chair, Dr. Teena Carroll at ccarroll@ehc.edu.

If you are having technical problems getting mymathtest to run on your computer:

Questions? Contact the Registrar Tammy Sheets (tsheets@ehc.edu) with registration questions, your advisor about advising questions, or mathematics professor Dr. Teena Carroll (ccarroll@ehc.edu) with math placement questions.


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