Minimum Clinical Training Requirements

E&H MPAS Students complete supervised clinical practice experiences during both their didactic and clinical phases of training. As a rule, in the formal clinical phase of training Supervised Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) courses (i.e., clinical rotations), students must complete a minimum of 32 hours of supervised patient care activities for each course week. This results in a minimum of 192 hours for a 6-week rotation. This is in addition to clinical practice experiences completed in the didactic phase of training (e.g., experiences at the Free Clinic).


Importantly, some states require a minimum number of hours completed in the Program to qualify for state licensure. For example, the New York Board of Medicine requires the following:

  • For a program for the training of physician assistants to be determined substantially equivalent to a licensure qualifying or accredited program, it must include: (a) at least 32 semester hours of classroom work; and (b) 40 weeks (1,600 clock hours) of supervised clinical training.


Depending on the state requirements, students may have to prove they completed enough hours of supervised clinical practice experiences via a print-out from EValue (e.g., EValue Portfolio). This further establishes the importance that students complete all program required Time Tracker and Case Logs in their EValue system. The Program is unable to certify hours or case logs unless these have been entered in the Evalue System and validated by the Clinical Preceptor at the time the student completes a SCPE course.


If students, for whatever reason, are not able to meet the minimum required patient care activity hours for a SCPE course, they are mandated to contact the Director of Clinical Education 3 weeks before the completion of the SCPE course to ensure the requirement is met. Failure to do so may result in receiving a failing or incomplete grade for the course and mandated course repeat and/or delay of graduation.