Natalia Sutherland

Class of 2017

Life is not multiple choice

Natalia Sutherland is starting her second year at Virginia Tech Carilion Medical School. She smiles widely when she talks about the other students in her cohort. “They’re from Duke and Johns Hopkins and Clemson and Vanderbilt…there are only 3 of us from liberal arts colleges.”

But this is what seems to give her an edge. Natalia is among the top tier of students in her class and she says, “You can tell Dr. Fleet I give her all the credit for that!”

She says her E&H Biology professor, Dr. Christine Fleet, insisted on project-based classwork that forced students  to truly understand and apply what they were learning in class. Granted, there are tests in medical school that are multiple choice, but Natalia says she feels like she has an advantage over many of her classmates because Emory & Henry gave her a framework for truly understanding the science.  She says it’s one thing to memorize the answers…but it’s another thing altogether to truly understand causes and effects and how systems in your body interact. She says Emory & Henry prepared her to be that well-rounded learner.

She beams when talking about how much she’s enjoying medical school, and about the work she did at E&H to prepare her for what she’s doing now. “I’ll come back to campus and talk to prospective students and families any time! Emory & Henry was a great place to get ready for medical school!”

Natalia is also the recipient of the Morgan Dana Harrington Scholarship, and she expresses great honor in representing that award.

  • Sutherland, Natalia (E&H Class of 2017)
    David Hungate/ Virginia Tech Car




Galax, VA