Section 4- Intramural Eligibility

Intramural eligibility rules are designed to protect the rights and privileges of all the participants and ensure fairness of competition by having all participants and teams participate under the same rules and guidelines. The intramural staff will investigate the eligibility of a player when such a question or concern is brought to the Assistant Director for Sport Programs’ attention.


Eligible Participants 

  • Currently enrolled E&H Students. 
  • Full and Part-Time E&H Faculty and Staff.

Ineligible Participant Examples 

  • Students from other local colleges 
  • Local high school or middle school students 
  • Faculty or Staff who are no longer employed by E&H 
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner 
  • An eligible participant who misrepresents their identity to intramural staff by using another individual’s ID
  • Anyone who has had their intramural privileges revoked/suspended due to violation of intramural policies/rules 


Additional Eligibility Policies 

  • All players listed on a team’s roster when rosters are locked at the end of the season are eligible to participate in post-season play. 
  • An individual may not participate under an assumed name or use false identification. Violation of this rule may result in suspension from further participation for the individual and possibly the team. This may also result in the forfeiture of Intramural games. 
  • The intramural staff reserves the right to declare an individual ineligible for competition/participation if their participation is considered unsportsmanlike or dangerous. 


Current Student Athlete Policy 

Student athletes or individuals who are receiving any assistance by way of affinity scholarships or other aid are eligible for intramural participation except for the sport or related sport for which they are receiving aid. Such aid is defined as: any aid, assistance, or benefit given to a student for their participation as a player in any varsity sport that is not available to the general student population. This includes, but is not limited to, scholarships, varsity lockers, apparel, footwear, equipment, etc. Any athlete who is working out with the varsity team is considered a student athlete under this policy. Student athletes that were on their team’s roster at the time of the first game, remain ineligible for that sport or related sport for the remainder of the academic year. It is the Captain’s responsibility to understand these rules, if questioned about a specific player. 


Former College Athlete Policy 

An individual who has been a member of 4-year college varsity team is eligible for intramural participation in that sport ,or related sport, beginning with the academic year following their last year as a member of the collegiate varsity team. An individual is considered to have been a member of the team if their name has appeared on a team’s roster, or other publication such as media guide, website, etc. identifying the individual as being a member of the team. No differentiation is made between NCAA D-I, D-II, D- III, and NAIA schools. 


Sport Club Athlete Policy 

Members of sport clubs or affinity programs are eligible to participate in intramurals. However, any member of a sports club or affinity program must participate in the top competitive/skill level (if applicable) for the sport in which they compete at the club level. Teams are allowed two (2) club athletes for the sport, or related sport, in which the athlete is a club member. For team sports in which the number of players to play a game is four (4) or less, the maximum number of club players is one (1). 



The penalty for competing with an ineligible player is forfeiture of all games in which the violation(s) occurred. The team captain must meet with the Intramural Sports Specialist and is subject to a minimum one- game suspension. In some instances, the entire team may also be expelled from further intramural participation.