Section 5- Code of Conduct

Participant and Spectator Code of Conduct 

As a college activity, intramural events expect the same conduct and behavior as any other social and recreational activities. Participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Any spectator exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct, threatening behavior, or using obscene language will be asked to leave the facility by a staff member. Participants who are ejected from a game have one minute to leave sight and sound of the facility immediately. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the game and campus police being called. Teams are responsible for the conduct and actions of individual members and their spectators. All instances that go against the code of conduct will be reported. See Section 12, Discipline, for the incident reporting process. 


Responsibilities of Participants

It is the responsibility of each participant to be knowledgeable of all intramural rules and policies. Every participant is reminded that participating in the intramural program is a privilege. 

  • Each participant is responsible for their own conduct. 
  • Participants must behave in a sportsmanlike manner. See Sportsmanship Policy 
  • Participants are responsible for knowing their own eligibility status at all times. 
  • Individuals who violate intramural rules and policies, abuse the equipment or facility, or behave in an unsportsmanlike manner are subject to losing their privileges to participate in the intramural program.


Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug Policy 

It is against college policy to smoke or use tobacco within any of the facilities. According to Virginia State Law it is illegal for any individual under the age of 21 to be in possession of alcohol. Alcohol and other illegal substances are prohibited on the E&H Campus, including any sport/recreation facilities and all intramural fields. Alcohol consumption prior to participation or during an intramural event is not only unsafe, but also a violation of College rules and is illegal for individuals underage. No individual is allowed to participate in an intramural event or be in attendance as a spectator while smoking/using tobacco or under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs. Violation will result in the individual(s) being asked to leave the facility and possible referral to the Dean of Students Office for conduct proceedings. Failure to leave the facility will result in campus police being called. In some instances, campus police may be immediately notified. 


Apparel and Logos

The intramural staff reserves the right to regulate all apparel and logos. Apparel and logos that include the following (but not limited to) are prohibited: Drugs, alcohol, illegal paraphernalia, or inappropriate/vulgar language, pictures or symbols.



Participants may be ejected for failing to abide by the code of conduct. If a participant gets ejected, they are ineligible to participate in intramural sports indefinitely. To be reinstated, an ejected participant must meet with the Intramural Sports Specialist. If an ejected participant plays in an intramural contest before being reinstated, the game will be a forfeit.