Section 7- Team Captains and Rosters

Responsibilities of Team Captains

Captains must be playing members of their team. In their roles, Captains acknowledge and agree to assume certain responsibilities, including but not limited to: 

  • Serving as a liaison between their team and the IMS Specialist. It is important that the captain periodically check the IMLeagues website for updates and schedule changes. The captain and assistant captain should be sure to have their phone number listed on their IMLeagues profile and the number is a working number.
  • Only the captain shall discuss game issues with IMS Specialist/Intramural staff.  
    • The captain is the only player who may question the ruling of an official. Questions as they relate to an official’s judgment will not be allowed.  
    • The intramural staff recognizes the use of coaches. Coaches are considered team members different than team captains. They may be on the side of the field/court, call time outs, and  address the officials/supervisors during the game. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of all rules and policies associated with the activity/sport.  All rules and policies will be distributed and discussed at the captains’ meeting. 
  • Verifying the eligibility of all players listed on the roster. 
  • Informing all players and spectators of the rules, policies and sportsmanship code of IMS.
  • Notify all team members and spectators that tobacco, alcohol, and other illegal substances are prohibited at all E&H facilities and that no one is allowed to be at a game while under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. 
  • Team captains and assistant captains are ultimately responsible for the conduct of their team, including spectators.  Team captains and assistant captains are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension, if they show no effort to control their team, do not actively discourage unsportsmanlike conduct, or if their team is found to have participated with an ineligible player(s). 


Revising Rosters 

Teams may add or remove players from their roster throughout the regular season. When adding players, the player must be added and accepted by the captain before 3:00 p.m. to be eligible to play the same day. If a player is added to a roster after the 3:00 deadline, that player may play provided the captain provides an updated print-off of the team’s roster or is able to show the intramural staff the online roster via a smartphone or other device. Team rosters will become locked at the end of the regular season. A player may only be removed from a roster if the player has not checked into a game. Once players have checked in they are considered as having played in that game. Players who have played for one team may not be added to another. Players who would like to request an exception to this must email IMS Specialist Dylan Johnson at with their reasoning. These requests will be handled on a case by case basis.