Fraternity & Sorority Points System

Section 8- Fraternity & Sorority Points System

Fraternities and Sororities that participate in E&H IMS will be awarded points based on participation and performance. In understanding the dynamic that Fraternity and Sorority Life plays in building community at Emory & Henry College, it is important to have these organizations involved. Fraternity and Sorority teams that participate will have rosters checked to confirm current members of the organization. Players must be listed on the chapter’s roster that is turned into the Area Coordinator and Fraternity & Sorority Life Specialist prior to playing intramurals. At least half of the players on a team must be members of a Fraternity or Sorority organization. There may be players that are not a part of a Fraternity or Sorority organization on a team; this can be used as a recruitment tool but may not be linked to a new member initiation process or any form of hazing. Fraternity or Sorority organizations may team up together to form a team however, points will be split evenly between the organizations. “Alumni” or “Inactive Status” members cannot participate on their former Fraternity or Sorority team. New members who have been listed on the chapter’s roster with Fraternity and Sorority Life may participate in the organization’s competitive team. 



Here is a point breakdown for Fraternity or Sorority involvement:



Points Awarded

Team Sign Up

+5 points

# Of Players per Team

+1 point per player

# of Non Greek Players per Team

+ 2 points per player

# of Staff/Faculty Advisors per Team

+3 points

Participation in IMS Event

+ 1 point

Winning an IMS Event

+10 points

Making an IMS Playoff

+10 points

Winning an IMS Playoff Event

+20 points

Winning an IMS Championship

+50 points

Providing Officials for IMS Events

+5 points


-25 points


-10 points

Forfeit by Disqualification

-50 points

Removal from Sport Participation

Loss of all possible earned points

The Organization with the most amount of points will receive the “Greek Cup.”


Team names must include the organization.