Section 11- Sportsmanship Rating


Sportsmanship, civility and conduct of participants and students are an essential focus of E&H IMS. While the game atmosphere is often competitive, ensuring participant safety, providing a fun, social atmosphere and promoting sportsmanlike behavior among participants and team followers are of primary concern. The game atmosphere should remain good natured at all times and participants shall maintain good sportsmanship throughout their participation in all facets of the Intramural Program.


Teams are reminded that sportsmanship involves more than just shaking hands at the end of the game. Sportsmanship encompasses how teams and individual participants carry themselves on the field/court and sidelines throughout the course of the game – how teams interact with each other, with the officials, and with the game staff. A true measure of one’s character is how they respond to adversity. In sports, there is always a winner and a loser. Officials make judgment calls in good faith and those decisions must be abided by. While all officials strive to get every call right, inevitably calls will be missed – whether in perception or actuality. Many sources of frustration for participants result from a lack of knowledge of the rules. Each team captain and participant should take personal responsibility to become educated of intramural policies and sport rules. 


Teams, players, captains and/or spectators found in violation of the Sportsmanship Policy are subject to disciplinary action by E&H IMS and possibly the Dean of Students Office. Individuals and teams do not need to be ejected from an intramural game to receive disciplinary sanctions.  


Sportsmanship Code

All participants, by signing up for intramural activities, agree to the following Sportsmanship Code: 

  • Participants agree to treat all persons involved in or associated with their intramural games (including the IMS staff) with dignity and respect. Participants expect to be treated in the same manner.
  • Participants agree to not use profanity, make disrespectful gestures or comments, or fight.
  • Participants agree to let their captain calmly and respectfully discuss any questions or problems concerning the game being played, keeping in mind that the official is the final authority on the playing field or court.
  • Participants will compete in a fair manner and within the intent and integrity of the rules.
  • Participants agree to actively discourage unsportsmanlike conduct by any other participant(s) and/or spectator(s).
  • Participants agree to follow all guidelines and policies established by the Intramural program and the The Office of Housing & Residence Life


Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties

 When a player is assessed a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, that player is required to leave the game immediately. The player may return at the next substitution opportunity (as permitted by rule). However, the team may elect to use a time-out in order to avoid this substitution. This does not apply to penalties called for administrative violations, even though they may be assessed as unsportsmanlike/technical fouls. 


Sportsmanship Ratings 

Teams will be given sportsmanship ratings after every game. Game officials and/or supervisors will assign a rating to each team based on their sportsmanship and conduct. Teams must maintain an average rating of 3.0 to qualify for the play-offs, regardless of a team’s win-loss record. 


Excellent- 5 

The team presents outstanding character during competition and interacts with staff, officials and opponents in a sportsmanlike manner. The team represents a perfect example of the Sportsmanship Code. 


Very Good- 4 

The team fully cooperates with officials/staff and presents a good attitude. The team receives no warnings, technical fouls, unsportsmanlike penalties or yellow cards.


Acceptable- 3 

Team engages in few arguments with officials and staff. Team is awarded a maximum of one technical foul, unsportsmanlike penalty or yellow card. 

Unsatisfactory/Poor- 2 

Team consistently engages in arguments with officials and/or retains a bad attitude towards opponents. Team is given multiple warnings and/or penalized during the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. 


Unacceptable/Team Forfeits- 1 

Team maintains no respect for officials and/or opponents and has complete disregard for the safety and well-being of participants/staff. The captain has no control of the team. The team receives multiple technical fouls, unsportsmanlike penalties or cards. Team forfeits due to not showing up/not having min players. 


Team Disqualified 0 

Team is completely uncooperative and out of control before, during  or after the game. Team captain exhibits poor control over self, the team and/or spectators. Multiple ejections or blatant unsportsmanlike conduct that endangered participants, officials or staff. Team fails to cooperate/comply with Intramural staff or College officials; falsely represents or withholds any requested information. 


Regular Season Sportsmanship 

 Teams that receive a rating of 1.0 or lower for any game during the regular season must meet with the Assistant Director for Intramurals to be eligible to play in their next contest. If a team receives a second 1.0 or below rating in the same sport they will be subject to immediate dismissal from the league 18  Teams that receive a “0” rating are subject to immediate dismissal from the league. Teams winning by default or forfeit receive a rating of “4.0”. Teams losing by default receive a rating of “3.0”. Teams who forfeit receive a rating of “2.0”. 


Playoff /Tournament Sportsmanship  

A team must maintain its “3.0” average or better Sportsmanship Rating during the play-offs. The average will include regular season and play-off games. When a team has had a game cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen situation and a satisfactory sportsmanship grade would have qualified the team for the play-offs, the captain may submit a written appeal to the Assistant Director for Intramurals requesting their team be permitted to participate in the play-offs. Appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  A winning team which receives a sportsmanship rating of “1.0” to “2.4” in a play-off game is subject to dismissal from further tournament play and should be prepared to appeal to the Assistant Director for Intramurals on the next business day to remain in the tournament. If the team is allowed to advance, it must receive a Sportsmanship Rating of “3.0” or higher in all remaining play-offgames. A team which receives a Sportsmanship Rating of below “2.0” in their final playoff game is subject to further disciplinary action as a team in subsequent sports, as individuals or to the team captain.  Any team that is disqualified from a play-off game is subject to further disciplinary action as a team in subsequent sports, as individuals when appropriate, or to the team captain.


It is the responsibility of the captain to know their team’s sportsmanship average at all times.