10:00 a.m.-Martin Luther King Day Convocation Morning Keynote: Rev. Sharon Bowers

Sacred Resistance: A Look At Women’s Role In The Civil Rights Movement

Kennedy-Reedy Theatre, McGlothlin Center for the Arts
Rev. Sharon Bowers


Featured speaker Rev. Sharon Bowers speaks about the role women have played in the Civil Rights Movement, especially how they stood against the twin evils of racism and sexism in an environment teeming with patriarchal oppression. She focuses on the intersections of race, class and gender as they have been traveled by women’s ability to tap into the sacred spaces and places of resistance. She recounts how sacred resistance has been used to dismantle the embedded systems of violence, exploitation, marginalization and injustice, and how women have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to dream of a world where power is equally distributed and domination and privilege are eradicated. 

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Rev. Sharon Bowers is a champion of diversity and embraces ecumenism. A teacher and preacher since 1977, she has taught and preached innovative leadership and personal development, helping people lead and live with character. She is the author of Mark the Perfect Man: Leading and Living With Character. Rev. Bowers is a motivational speaker, activist and an ordained elder in the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. Besides serving churches in Tennessee, she is the executive director of the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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  • Rev. Sharon Bowers
    Rev. Sharon Bowers