Madi Codispoti


Kingsport, Tenn.


Media and Communication

Why I chose Emory & Henry:

I was looking for a small school that offered the major I was interested in. I also got invited into the honors program, so It helped me to afford attending the school.

Activities I'm involved in:

Blue & Gold Society, Honors Program, Work-Study

My favorite place on campus:

I enjoy the Hickory Basement. It has a huge Flat Screen TV that you can watch movies on, couches for everyone to sit on, enough room for all of your friends to gather, and a kitchen if you want to cook something.

A project that I'm excited to work on:

As part of my work-study, I have been tasked with creating content for the Library’s social media accounts. I am excited to put my own spin on the social media.

One thing I want to do while in college:

I’m very excited to travel the world as part of the Study Abroad requirement. I have never left the country and this is my chance to explore the world outside of the US.

How I want to change the world:

I try to be very positive, and so my heart hurts when other people are suffering or upset. I want to do my best to try and put a smile on everyone’s faces and to be nice to everyone.

Life after graduation:

I hope to move into the world of News and become a news anchor.


Kingsport, TN