Lauren Capobianco


Floral Park, NY


Equine Studies and Interdisciplinary History double major

Why I chose Emory & Henry:

I chose to come to Emory & Henry because of its beautiful campus and amazing Equestrian Program. I loved the small campus atmosphere and how involved and supportive your professors are with your successes. 

Activities I'm involved in:

Blue & Gold Society, Equestrian Team

My favorite place on campus:

The Equestrian Center at exit 10 and the seating outside of Kelly Library.

A project that I'm excited to work on:

I am excited to be working on a project for my Methods of Teaching class where we need to create a lesson plan for a flat day and a lesson plan for an over fences day. We will then need to use those lesson plans to teach a rider of our choice and we will receive constructive criticism on it from our professor and peers. This is exciting to me because I hope to teach people to ride horses as part of my profession one day, so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

One thing I want to do while in college:

Make friends that last a lifetime and learn to be a great teacher in the classroom and at the barn.

How I want to change the world:

I would love to make learning in the classroom and at the barn an exciting and fun experience. My goal is to have my students excited to learn and excited to face challenges and accomplish their goals.

Life after graduation:

After graduation, I hope to try to find a job at a barn as a trainer where I can teach all levels of students and work as an elementary school teacher.

  • Lauren Capobianco


Floral Park, NY