Eliana Durham


Fredericksburg, VA


Geography and Environmental Policy

Why I chose Emory & Henry:

The presence of civic engagement as a focal point of the college inspired me as I felt that it reflected my personal goals to be productive and innovative in communities around me.

Activities I'm involved in:

Honors Program, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Phi Alpha, Blue & Gold Society

My favorite place on campus:

The garden.

A project that I'm excited to work on:

Working on research for my honors thesis.

One thing I want to do while in college:

Study abroad for a semester.

How I want to change the world:

By developing architectural designs for cities in a manner that facilitates sustainable lifestyles.

Life after graduation:

After graduation, I would like to serve in the Peace Corps for two years and then begin graduate school and work towards a master’s in urban planning.

  • Eliana Durham


Fredericksburg, VA