Liz McCall


Abingdon, VA


Interdisciplinary English Education Major & Master of Education Program

Why I chose Emory & Henry:

I chose Emory & Henry College because it is my home. My parents are both alumni of the school, my sister is a senior here, and my father has worked for about 15 years at the college as the Head Baseball coach. I grew up on the campus and instantly fell in love. Some people would say that “I am Emory born and Emory bred.”  I knew that there was no other college for me. In addition, I chose the school because they are well known and respected for their Education Program.

Activities I'm involved in:

Blue & Gold Society, Greek life, and Blue Key

My favorite place on campus:

I have two favorite places on campus, the library and the baseball field. I love the library because I love to read and how the library faculty members are so helpful and kind. I love the baseball field because I like to go to the games to support my dad and to watch a sport I love.

A project that I'm excited to work on:

A project I am excited to work on is creating a vertical garden in my Teaching Math and Science education class. We have created a design and are getting ready to build its frame. This is an exciting project because we have approached it in a way to experience hands-on learning while having fun. The goal of this project is to learn about plants and their growth, but in such a way that it is engaging and will be positively remembered. I am one of the team leaders of the project, so I am excited to see how my team and I work together as we hypothesize and learn all about vertical gardens.

One thing I want to do while in college:

One thing I want to do while I am in college is to study abroad in Europe. I hope to study abroad in Poland, England, or in the Mediterranean for about 2 weeks after taking a class offered by the school. Studying abroad is such an amazing opportunity and is a chance to make memories for life.

How I want to change the world:

I hope to change the world through teaching. I was impacted by all of my teachers throughout my time in school. They each showed me how important education is and how life is affected by it. I hope to impart knowledge upon these children while helping them recognize their full potential—that they can make a difference in the world and for the better.

Life after graduation:

After graduation, I hope to teach in this area. Emory & Henry College works closely with the surrounding schools and counties, so I hope to be employed by one of them. I also want to give back to the college hopefully by working with them in the school system where I will work.

  • Liz McCall


Abingdon, VA