Kathleen Chamberlain

Professor of English English

Kathleen Chamberlain has been teaching English and Women’s/Gender Studies at Emory & Henry since 1989.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she received her B.A. degree from Cleveland State University and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Her areas of specialization include Romantic and Victorian British literature, women’s literature, gender studies, queer theory, and American popular culture. Among Dr. Chamberlain’s publications are essays on Nancy Drew, the Three Stooges, American girls’ series fiction, Lizzie Borden, and the film Brokeback Mountain.

She has also presented many academic papers on topics ranging from Star Trek and Harry Potter to Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf. At Emory & Henry, she currently serves as chair of the Humanities Division and a member of the Women’s and Gender Studies Collective.

In 1993, Dr. Chamberlain received the CASE/Carnegie award as Virginia Professor of the Year. 

At EHC, she’s received the William Carrington Finch Award for Faculty Excellence, the James A. Davis Alumni Award for faculty, the Ernest and Elizabeth Maiden Award for contributions to the College, and the “Excellence in Teaching” Award voted by the senior class.


  • M. A. and Ph.D.,
    • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • B. A., summa cum laude
    • Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH


Selected Honors Theses Directed

  • Hogg, Claire.  “Feminism, Politics, Social Media, and Celebrities in the Twittersphere” (2020) Co-directed with Dr. Sarah Fisher, Department of Political Science.
  • Williams, Forrest.  “Searching for a Voice:  The Beginning of a Künstlerroman” (2016)
  • Coombs, Amber.  “Women and Evil in Harry Potter” (2011)
  • Godfrey, John. “Parallel to the World – A Novella” (2009)
  • Gregory, Eric. “Black Mirror – A Novel” (2008)
  • Woodward, Stephen. “Narrative Techniques in the Graphic Novel as Shown Through Watchmen” (2008)

Symposia Presentations Overseen

  • Dalton, Kylie. “Harry Potter’s Invisibility Skirt: Yet More Questions of Gender Equality.”  Annual Student Research Symposium, EHC/UVA-Wise (April, 2014)
  • Scott, Kallie.   “What’s in a Name?: Thematic Effects of Rowling’s Naming Constructions,” Annual Student Research Symposium, EHC/UVA-Wise (April, 2014)
  • Whaley, Katherine.  “‘The Story of How the Lion Ate the Lamb’:  Unmasking the Abusive Relationship Between the Twilight Saga and Teenagers.”  Annual Student Research Symposium, EHC/UVA-Wise, (April, 2010)
  • Godfrey, John. “The Missing Genre: Comics as North American Magic Realism.” ACA-UNC-Asheville Undergraduate Research Symposium (September 26, 2009)


Selected Publications

  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “Girls’ Travel Fiction as Portable College: Elizabeth Champney’s Three Vassar Girls Series.” Reading Transatlantic Girlhood in the Long Nineteenth Century. Edited by Robin L. Cadwallader and LuElla D’Amico, Routledge, 2020, pp. 96-114.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “‘Like Watching a Zoo with Hillbillies in It’: Cultural Positioning and Appalachian Stereotypes in The Other Side of the Mountain.” Iron Mountain Review Appalachian Drama issue. Forthcoming.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “‘Hiya, Toots’: Women and Gender in the Three Stooges.” Stoogeology: Essays on the Three Stooges. Edited by Peter Seely and Gail W. Pieper, McFarland Press, 2007, pp. 226-35.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “Girls’ Series Books.” Girl Culture Encyclopedia. Vol. II. Edited by Claudia Mitchell and Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, Greenwood Press, 2007, pp. 522-26.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen, and Victoria Somogyi. “‘You Know I Ain’t Queer’: Brokeback Mountain as the Not-Gay Cowboy Movie.” Intertexts: A Journal of Comparative and Theoretic Reflections, vol. 10, no. 2, Fall, 2006, pp. 129-44.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “‘Being Poor Doesn’t Count: Class, Gender, and Ethnicity in American Girls’ High School Series, 1900-1920.” Defining Print Culture For Youth. Edited by Anne Lundin and Wayne Wiegand, Libraries Unlimited, 2003, pp. 101-120.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “‘Wise Censorship’: Cultural Authority and the Scorning of Juvenile Series Fiction, 1890-1940.” Scorned Literature: Essays on the History and Criticism of Popular, Mass-Produced Fiction in America. Edited by Lydia C. Schurman and Deidre Johnson, Greenwood Press, 2002, pp. 187-211.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “Gender, Class, and Domesticity in the Isabel Carleton Series.” Nancy Drew and Company:  Culture, Gender, and Girls’ Series. Edited by Sherrie Inness, Bowling Green Popular Press, 1997, pp. 37-58.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “Capitalism, Counterfeiting, and Literary Representation: The Case of Lizzie Borden.”  Pioneers, Passionate Ladies, and Private Eyes: Critical Essays on Series Books, Dime Novels, and Paperbacks.  Edited by Larry Sullivan and Lydia C. Schurman, Haworth Press, 1996, pp. 175-192.
  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “‘Having Her Cake and Eating It, Too’: The Secrets of Nancy Drew. The Lion and the Unicorn, vol. 18, no. 1, June, 1994, pp. 1-12.

  • Chamberlain, Kathleen. “The Bobbsey Twins Hit the Trail; or, Out West with Children’s Series Fiction.” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, vol. 17, no. 1, 1992, pp. 9-15.


  • Kathleen Chamberlain

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