March 6, 2020-Memo Regarding Personal Travel Over Spring Break

March 6, 2020


While we have sent communication regarding international travel for Spring Break and Study Abroad, please see the following information regarding personal domestic travel during spring break. 

Please exercise common sense when engaging in personal travel over spring break. The College suggests that you avoid traveling through major airports and metropolitan areas in states where there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus), which can be found here. Please continue to monitor the CDC website found here for Level 2 and Level 3 travel restrictions. 

We will continue to offer regular updates via email; post them on our new webpage, and send updates via LifeSafe. Please take the responsibility to stay educated on the situation as it continues to change and please use good personal hygiene at all times by washing your hands and not touching your face; sneezing in your sleeves, and staying home if you are ill and/or have a fever. (Treat this like the flu.)

For questions about reporting travel plans please email Ryan Bowyer at or if you have questions about your specific medical condition, please contact Susan Stanley, Director of Health Services at

We will continue to provide frequent updates as the situation unfolds.

Thank you,

Dr. John W. Wells, President
Dr. Mike Puglisi, Provost
Ryan Bowyer, Associate Provost and Dean of Students