March 11, 2020-COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates to Spring Break and Domestic Travel

Emory & Henry College Community,

Please read this email as it contains significant updates in response to COVID-19 Coronavirus planning. 

The COVID-19 Task Force, comprised of professionals from across campus including academic affairs, student affairs, housing, athletics, the business office, facilities, dining services, and marketing/communications has been working diligently to monitor and respond to the rapidly changing global and national situation as it pertains to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. 

The COVID-19 Task Force continues to stay informed, utilizing such sources as the CDC website, our EAB consultants, the Virginia Department of Health, the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia, and the NCAA and ODAC.


Students at the School of Health Sciences - Please look for a separate email from Dr. Lou Fincher for more information. 

Students at the Emory Campus: As a result of all of the available information at this time, the College has made the decision to extend Spring Break for students on the Emory campus for one week. Therefore, Spring Break will be from Saturday, March 14th through Sunday, March 29th.

This extra week allows for the college and the COVID-19 Task Force to continue to monitor the global and national situation, respond appropriately and with as much information as possible. We recognize that many colleges and universities are responding in similar ways. 

At this time, classes on the Emory campus will resume on Monday, March 30th, 2020 at 8:00 AM. Please recognize that depending on the global and national situation, this is subject to change. 

To that effect, students should plan to take at least two weeks worth of belongings with them. It is our expectation at this time that we will finish classes and academic work in person on campus. Should things change between now and March 30th, however, please take your textbooks home for Spring Break, along with technology and other materials that would be needed to complete academic work remotely.

Faculty and staff will operate as they normally would. The second week of Spring Break will be used for professional development and operational workshops here on campus for faculty and staff to develop implementation plans should the need arise for alternative educational content delivery methods. Faculty will receive an email with specific instructions from Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Matt Frederick. 

Campus will remain open and operate during this extended spring break. If as a student these changes create a hardship for you, please contact Dean Ryan Bowyer at

Students - please continue to monitor your email over the extended spring break as the college will issue any announcements directly to your Emory & Henry email address. You may also be hearing from your advisor regarding building your Fall 2020 schedule. 


There have been some questions about the email that was sent this morning regarding the cancellation of all College-sponsored and non-NCAA athletic travel. We would like to take a moment to expand on this decision. The College’s top priority is the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students. We must make difficult decisions that we feel are in the best interest of members of the Emory & Henry community. Please know that these decisions are not made lightly, or in a vacuum; they are made after thoughtful deliberation and consultation with appropriate parties, resources, and experts. 

All College-sponsored travel–travel that is funded by or on behalf of the College–is cancelled indefinitely. This applies to travel by students, faculty, and staff. This does not apply to travel between E&H locations (i.e. Emory campus, School of Health Sciences, Equestrian Center, Bartlett-Crowe Field Station, nor does it include students who are currently in an internship, practicum, or clinical placement).

Athletic travel will be suspended for two weeks, from Sunday, March 15, through Sunday, March 29th. We are continuing the conversation regarding NCAA athletic travel for competition and will remain in communication with ODAC and NCAA in the coming days and weeks.

Should we receive information that indicates that domestic travel is safe for our faculty, staff and students, we remain open to the possibility of reinstating these travel opportunities should they be available. We are most appreciative of the feedback we have received and welcome your considerate communication.


For faculty with specific questions, please see Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Matt Frederick. 

For staff with specific questions, please see Director of Human Resources Tracy Peery. 

For students with specific questions, please see Associate Provost and Dean of Students, Ryan Bowyer.

Dr. John W. Wells, President
Dr. Michael J. Puglisi, Provost
Ryan Bowyer, Associate Provost and Dean of Students