What about Lyceum credits for the rest of the semester?

In light of Lyceum events being canceled through the end of this semester, the Lyceum Committee met and has decided the following:

    1. Five lyceum credits will be waived from the total required for ALL current students.
    2. Given that 13 Lyceum events were originally planned between the (original) end of spring break and the most recent extended April deadline for obtaining Lyceum credits, all seniors intending to graduate in Spring 2020 who are 13 or fewer Lyceum credits short will be allowed to graduate.  In this allowance, the college administration assumes that you would have attended all 13 of those events.  
    3. If you are a senior with 20 or more Lyceum credits to complete, you must finish those in the fall.  If you have slightly over 13 Lyceum credits to complete, you may contact the Lyceum Committee chair Professor Jamie Ferguson jferguson@ehc.edu to see what extra assignments you can do for Lyceum credits