General Guidelines

College Institutional Logos

The College logo is a highly significant part of the institutional image and marketing strategy. If used wisely and frequently it can be an effective way of enhancing the College’s name recognition. The MarComm Office requires that the logo appear on all publications meant for external audiences and encourages use on campus publications.

The official College marks are available from the EDIC and will be provided electronically. The Emory & Henry institutional and athletic logos are the only marks approved for use by the College community. These marks supersede and replace all other logos or marks used by individual departments or programs. No other marks or logos may be used to represent the College and it programs.

  • See Appendix III - Graphic Identity Standards Manual for examples of the College logos and descriptions of usage.
  • Electronic versions of the logos may be obtained by contacting the EDIC. You will be furnished with the type of logo and file appropriate to your need.
  • College logos are not to be re-created or modified in any way other than proportional sizing.
  • The College’s logo must appear on all publications, on the College website, including applicable sub-domains such as departmental sites, as well as on email newsletters and other electronic applications.
  • The College seal is reserved for use in the most official applications, dealing with functions of the Office of the President and/or the Board of Trustees. It may also be used on select promotional items. As with other official College marks, use of the seal must be approved by the EDIC.
Athletic Logo

The athletic logos may be used in conjunction with the College logo on publications and web applications relating to the College athletic program. The athletic logos are strictly for use of the Department of Athletics and are not to be used as a substitute for the College logo in any other institutional communications. Digital versions of these logos are available from the EDIC or from the Director of Athletic Communications, located in the King Center.

The primary logo and the primary lettermark are considered the default logos and should appear on all athletic-related external communications and items. The athletic logo is to be used as a graphic and should be kept proportionate if it needs to be enlarged or reduced. Clip art resembling the “Wasp” may not be used for any representation of the College. Correct usage is Wasps (capita W, lowercase asps)—never all caps; “The Wasps football team is terrific.” See Appendix III - Graphic Identity Standards Manual.

Student Organization Logo Use

Student Government-approved organizations may use the institutional logo, as described in the graphic identity standards, to brand T-shirts, websites and other merchandise for their club or organization. Their SGA-approved organization name should be used. Other graphics may be used to illustrate the purpose or mission of the club or organization, but elements of the College institutional or athletic logos may not be used within those graphics.

College Name
  • When writing the name of the College, the ampersand is always used: Emory & Henry College.
  • When writing “E&H”, leave no spaces between the ampersand and the E and the H.
  • When Emory & Henry is written out in the title of a publication it is strongly recommended that it be typed in Goudy. This rule does not apply when Emory & Henry is written out in text or in headlines.
  • The word “College,” when referring to Emory & Henry, is always capitalized.
  • The abbreviation E&H may be used as an adjective such as “the E&H Concert Choir,” but not as a noun as in “E&H is a great place to be.”
  • The abbreviation “EHC” is not to be used as a replacement for E&H or as an abbreviation for Emory & Henry College. 

In all publications (print and electronic) intended for external audiences, the College logo must appear prominently. Additionally, for newsletters sent to these audiences, the name of the College must appear somewhere in the banner, which is the area on the top front page of the newsletter. The preferred type font for the College name is Goudy. For brochures, the name must appear on the first panel. It is highly recommended that the logo also appear in these places.

College Seal

Any collateral, documents or piece of merchandise that displays the seal is stating that this material has been officially sanctioned by Emory & Henry College. Because the seal functions as the official signature of the university, it must NOT be altered in any way. The seal is reserved for use by the President’s office, formal and official documents such as diplomas, legal and official records, programs for formal academic ceremonies, and any other legal agreements binding the university. It does not go on signage, marketing materials, merchandise, etc.

Official E&H Colors

In establishing the identity of Emory & Henry College, color is paramount. By creating and using the official colors in a consistent manner, our identity is strengthened. See Appendix III - Graphic Identity Standards Manual.

Contact Information

Information which will lead readers to the proper contact person(s) must appear in all publications; telephone number, email address and postal or physical address when appropriate. The College website address,, or the URL for the specific program which is the subject of the publication, must appear prominently on all publications.

Quality Guidelines and Procedures

The quality of the marketing material (including letters) distributed to external audiences is very important. It communicates the quality image of the College, whether through graphics, language, tone or photography. With that in mind, please remember the following guidelines:

  • External audiences are defined as anyone other than staff, faculty or current students. Examples are: prospective students, parents of both prospective and current students, current and prospective donors, alumni, the business community, elected officials and government agencies, vendors and academic colleagues/organizations, and other members of the general public. Any communication targeting any of these groups must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for External Affairs.
  • Use official College letterhead, not photocopies, for correspondence.
  • Enclosures such as bulk letters, brochures and flyers must go through the normal channels for writing and/or editorial and production assistance from the EDIC. Examples of Exempt Publications: Scholarly papers; instructional material; general correspondence; work processing forms for internal use, and tickets for cultural and athletic events.