Developing a Publication

1. As with all other publicity, publications should be included in an office or department’s annual Communications Plan. It should be clear how the publication works in conjunction with other publicity options available through the College (email newsletters, website, news media, advertising, social media). Please complete a Project Request Form located at The MarComm Office will help you set up a timetable, determine a budget, and create specifications. We assure that it meets all standards set by publications policy and will assist with the bid process for printing.

2. You should allow four weeks for production of a typical publication; two weeks for in-house production and proofing and two weeks for actual printing (commercial or in-house). Some publications may take less time, others may take longer.

3. The information you will need to present to the EDIC includes the following:

  • the purpose of the piece
  • the audience for the piece
  • desired date for your audience to receive the piece
  • a budget
  • quantity to print
  • how you plan to distribute the piece
  • prepared text even if it is just a guideline
  • ideas for photographs
  • any collateral pieces (envelopes, reply cards, etc.) you may need

4. Provide text in Microsoft Word without formatting except for paragraphs and headings and send as an email attachment or bring a flash drive to the EDIC. There is no need to boldface, italicize or underline text. Resist the urge to place your text into columns or to use symbols and characters unique to your word processing software. We’ll only have to undo all your hard work. If your text consists of more than one article, save each article as a separate file. List the name of each file of your publication. Note: Do not send Microsoft Publisher files. It is not industry-standard software and is used for simple print jobs, but cannot be manipulated by our office or commercial printers. The text will be read for consistency, accuracy and completeness and will be checked for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Our editorial format follows The AP Style Manual. However, some matters of style are unique to Emory & Henry and will be used at the discretion of the MarComm Office.

5. The EDIC or designee will design the piece and you will be asked to approve a mockup. While the EDIC edits and proofs the material, it is important that you proof your piece carefully. II. PRINT PUBLICATIONS 10

6. The EDIC will then follow through with commercial printing as decided at the beginning of the process. If occassional printing is done by the MarComm Office, it will be billed to the account number you provide. With commercial print jobs, you will be given the printer’s invoice from which to pay directly to the company