Official College letterhead and letterhead envelopes are available in the College bookstore. No other letterhead may be used for College correspondence. Specialized envelopes (business reply, one-color, etc.) also must be approved by the MarComm Office. Re-creations or photocopies of College stationery may not be used for any correspondence or mailings to an external audience. When such stationery items are part of an off-campus mailing, creation of these elements are to be coordinated along with the printing of the publication. Contact the EDIC concerning electronic letterhead.

Business Cards
Official business cards for Emory & Henry employees must be ordered through the MarComm Office. Cards are not to be photocopied, printed on office printers or taken to outside printers. To order business cards, contact the MarComm Office to complete the order form, which must be signed by an authorized agent of the office or department requesting the cards. An invoice from the printing company will be give to the office or department from which to pay directly. A variety of quantities may be ordered. Pricing is available from the MarComm Office.