Promotional Items

The College logos are registered trademarks. In order to protect the College’s licensing agreements and graphic identity standards, promotional items must be designed and reviewed for compliance with these agreements and standards. Promotional items include but are not limited to T-shirts and other items of clothing, coffee mugs, water bottles, pins, magnets, bumper/window stickers and pens.

The College community should use the College logo in any College-sponsored promotional activities. Use of College marks must be consistent with the policies and guidelines established in the Graphic Identity Standards Manual (Appendix III). When using marks/designs to represent the College, only official E&H trademarks should be used. Contact the EDIC with any questions.

In support of these policies and guidelines, designs for promotional items incorporating College marks must be submitted to the EDIC for review and receive approval from the MarComm Office prior to production. If revisions are required, design assistance can be provided.

The Emory Mercantile, the College bookstore and merchandise center, follows the guidelines put forth in the Graphic Identity Standards Manual (Appendix III), working closely with the EDIC.