Personal Conduct on Official Emory & Henry Accounts

Consider social media communications like a personal conversation in a very public place. Assume everything you write will be public and that nothing is ever truly deleted.

  • Respond to questions courteously and identify yourself by name and position at the end of the response.
  • Verify everything you see on social media before reporting/reposting/retweeting.
  • Attribute everything that is not original to you or to Emory & Henry.
  • Contact the college’s DM for further questions or assistance. If you identify yourself in anyway as an employee of Emory & Henry on personal social media, everything you say, write or do can and will be viewed in light of your connection with the College. For this reason, many employees choose to have two separate individual accounts: one for business and one for personal views. If you choose this route, the business account must clearly state your job title and Emory & Henry while your personal account should not.
  • Representation of your personal opinions as being endorsed by the College or any of its organizations is strictly prohibited. You may not use the Emory & Henry name to promote any opinion, product, cause or political candidate. Use your non-college affiliated personal page for these types of postings. Be advised that social media posts can be aggregated by multiple platforms other than your account, such as college apps and multiple website widgets.
  • Social Media is never a place for the discussion of internal issues such as personnel matters involving colleagues, institutional decisions, confidential records or transcripts. Posting course content must be approved by the course’s professor and DM.
  • Several employees may have access to multiple accounts on the same social media platform. For example, one person may have access to the Emory & Henry generic, admissions and the individual’s personal Twitter profile. In this instance, always double check to make sure you are signed in to the correct account before posting the message.