Janet Justice Crickmer

Associate Professor Neff Education Center

 I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky in Elementary Education and my M.Ed. and Ed. D. degrees at Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Teaching.

I began my teaching career in a general education elementary-level classroom in New York City. Early on in my practice, I realized that students in any given grade level have wide-ranging abilities and needs and, therefore, teachers must know how to differentiate their instruction.

Because of my interest in learning differences, I focused my doctoral scholarship on learning dis/Abilities. I spell dis/Abilities with a capital “A” because I believe that students with special education labels have the ability to learn. I believe it’s up to me as their teacher to understand my students’ strengths and shape my instruction from there. I am the director of our special education endorsement program, and I teach a SPED methods class. I teach two elementary/middle school level reading courses in our undergraduate program. I am also the director of our M. A. Ed. Reading Program, a program that leads to certification as Reading Specialist, and I teach several courses in that program, too.


  • Columbia University Teachers College, New York, NY
    Ed.D., M.Ed.
  • University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY


My research interests include marginalia as a strategy for developing and enhancing student comprehension for students with and without special education labels. Practices of elementary-level educators in Central Appalachia who are including students labeled learning disabled in their general education classrooms.

Professional Experience

My professional interests include dyslexia, literacy education, learning dis/Abilities, and the Central Appalachian culture. Using a sociocultural framework, I am currently studying women in Central Appalachia in order to understand how the culture of that region influences the identities they assume and enact. I also study the relation of culture and the decision-making of teachers in that region.

I was the first recipient of the Wilma Dykeman Postdoctoral Fellowship Award: Faces of Appalachia, National Endowment for the Humanities and the Appalachian Studies Association.

I also research and publish on the topic of marginalia, a reading comprehension strategy that is effective for students with and without special education labels. I enjoy working with my students who participate in action research projects in area K-12 literacy classrooms.

  • Janet Crickmer

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