New Account/Reactivation of Old Account Checklist

1. Obtain written permission from DM to create any social media account.

2. Identify a primary manager for the social media account.

  • It is important to have at least one dedicated employee whose job responsibilities include overseeing the day-today operation of the account, so that the account does not become inactive or inaccessible.
  • This individual should also identify back-up personnel with account access.
  • Students shall not have sole responsibility of an account. If a student will be posting on your account’s behalf, all posts must first be approved by the social media account’s primary manager.

3. Give additional admin access and login credentials to the DM or other Marketing and Communications Office administrator.

4. Develop content strategy that includes types of posts and frequency with the DM.

5. Create the account with approved college images and/or color schemes with the DM.

  • Establish a consistent naming convention across all of your social media accounts. Avoid the use of dashes, underscores or special characters.
  • When choosing a username, you should always add “EmoryHenry” or EH before your department or organization. On most platforms you cannot rename an account after the first time.