Platform Specific Guidelines/Techniques

Hashtags are search terms preceded by a # symbol. Using a hashtag helps catalogue content and facilitate easier searching for posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The same hashtag can be used across these three platforms. Discuss options with the DM before creating a brand new hashtag in order to coordinate college wide.

● List of currently used hashtags by Emory & Henry and related groups #GoWasps – #emoryandhenry #StingersUp – #Collegesthatchangelives – #featurefriday – #KellyLibrary – #EHLove – #EHstudents – #Semesteratrail – #Emorybornemorybred #featurefriday – #Scholarships – #Transfers – #Lyceum – #jointheswarm – #bestvalueschool –

● National/regional hashtags allow our content to be incorporated with a larger collection of items. Please use only when relevant to post. #swvaforum #Growth4VA #Swva #Liberalarts #RNtoBSN

Posting content to Facebook authorizes Facebook to make copies of that content and use it for any purpose. Therefore, use only direct-post text, photos and videos copyrighted and owned by Emory & Henry. This protects the College from a third party copyright owner claiming infringement.

  • Linking to a third party content item is acceptable. Provide your own text in the Status Box with the autogenerated preview.
  • Focus on relevant, high quality content useful to a targeted audience such as interesting visuals, link posts and original video uploaded directly to Facebook. A link with the automatic preview and original text will have a higher reach than any other type of link. Posing open ended questions can help elicit comments and shares. Shorter posts are best.
  • Make sure to monitor your site often and respond to comments and direct messages in a timely manner, including your name and job title with the response. Use discretion and good judgment in monitoring feedback and comments from your fans. Please report any concerns to the DM immediately.
  • Post precisely three to five times per day with key times at 8 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. On weekends, post a minimum of once in the afternoon each day.


  • Spacing your Tweets out rather than posting all at once is more effective.
  • Use a link shortener like Bitly to create short links rather than having a long URL using most of the character limit. Visit and paste the original URL into the text box at the upper right side. You should be automatically directed to a page with the shortened URL to copy and paste into your post.
  • When a person or organization is mentioned in a content piece, try to find their Twitter handle before Tweeting, then insert their handle as their name in the Tweet. Double check to make sure you have the actual handle and not a parody account or similarly named organization. Ex. Make your resume consultation appointment with @ehccareers.
  • Only use relevant hashtags to the subject of the content. Do not use more than two hashtags per Tweet if possible.
  • Re-Tweeting those you follow and followers’ content builds connections and reciprocal working relationships. Adding your own comments to the Re-Tweet allows you to include original content without exhausting the character limit.
  • Always thank a new follower of your account personally in a Tweet.
  • Use the “hijacking the feed” technique as much as possible, in which your Tweet has an interesting photo with it instead of just text. This helps set yours apart from other Tweets users end up seeing.
  • Work with the DM to implement Tweetdeck to help schedule posts and manage your account.
  • Tweet at least three times per day with key times at noon and 5 p.m. RT at least two Tweets each day. On weekends Tweet a minimum of twice per day.


  • Instagram offers the opportunity to share unique photos and videos about your department, organization or program. You can offer an insider perspective not generally seen.
  • Decide on one or two identities or perspectives and post photos best fitting those angles. Do not post just to post. Examples of identity or perspective: behind the scenes of theatre productions, science department cool experiments, campus housing unique dorm features
  • Post only the best shots of your subject, not every photo.
  • Instagram has a number of filters to add to your photo offering unique effects. Use these filters and photo editing sparingly. Using too many adjustments distorts images to where content focus becomes the editing and not the subject.
  • Tag your photos with as many relevant Instagram user IDs as you can by using the ‘Tag People’ function and search using their username or real name.
  • Include the location of the photo and video whenever possible with the ‘Name This Location’ function and enter in an address or place name. If it was taken while on campus, use the default Emory & Henry address of 30461 Garnand Dr., Emory, VA 24327. Exception: Intermont Equestrian Center, Bartlett-Crowe Field Station and School of Health Sciences
  • Post one photo or video per day between 3 and 5 p.m.


  • Do not overtly promote Emory & Henry. Instead, post content supporting our College’s missions and extending our reach into the audience’s daily life. Example: instead of ads for new spirit apparel at the Merc, post alternative ways to wear spirit like upcycling old shirts into a quilt to use for tailgating.
  • Pinterest is one of the most visual dependent platforms. Using lots of images keeps audiences engaged and informed.
  • Allow for user-generated content to be added to your board. Engage with those members in a conversation about their pins and thank them for contributing.
  • Post multiple content items at least every day, varying the subject matter, between 2 and 4 p.m.


  • LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Posted content needs to reflect that.
  • Emory & Henry organizations can use LinkedIn by creating groups to connect current students with alumni, to connect alumni with each other and to post job openings for paid positions and internships.
  • Don’t focus on “selling” your organization or group. Rather, put the focus on the group and its members. Provide content appealing to them about career development or college opportunities and events.
  • Carry on the conversations. Facilitate group discussions by posting useful information and prompts for future discussions.
  • Offer industry insights as this is the #1 most searched for content within the site.
  • Post daily during weekday business hours.


  • Main account only, managed by Office of Marketing and Communications. The following is to be implemented only if another channel needs to be established, as decided by the Marketing and Communications Office.
  • A Google Account is required to sign into YouTube. To create a new channel, this Google Account cannot be associated with another YouTube channel and only one YouTube channel per Google Account is allowed. It is recommended to use a generic account instead of an individual employee email account in case of employee turnover.
  • Every uploaded video needs to have “Emory & Henry College,” “Emory” and “Virginia” in the keywords section of video description. After these three, add as many relevant keywords as needed pertaining to the video subject matter.
  • Video titles should include some of the same keywords and phrases.
  • Add video content, at a minimum, monthly. Keeping it fresh will keep people coming back and make your channel more likely to appear in searches.