March 26, 2020-Important Updates: Mail Forwarding Form and Selling/Renting Books from The Emory Mercantile

Please read this in its entirety as it contains important announcements regarding mail forwarding and returning books/selling books back to the Emory Mercantile. 

Please see that information below. This information will also be available on our website. 
Mail Forwarding Form
Please fill out the following mail forwarding form in order to effectively have any mail sent here to the college forwarded to you. 
From now until the end of the semester in direct response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and how that is impacting our normal mail operations, if you have any questions regarding this process, please email Faith Blankenship at
At the end of the semester, we will no longer be able to forward UPS or FedEx packages as we will return to our normal summer mail forwarding operations. If students have packages that have been delivered over the summer months by UPS or FEDEX they can email us a shipping label from UPS or FEDEX. For questions on this, please email Faith Blankenship at
How do I return books and/or sell books back to The Emory Mercantile? 
Students will be asked to mail books that have been rented back to the Emory Mercantile at the end of the academic semester. Books may be mailed back at the following address
Emory Mercantile
PO Box 949
Emory VA 24327.
Students will receive Emory Mercantile store credit for the shipping costs in the form of a gift certificate. The Emory Mercantile will have a buy-back event to pay cash for other books that will extend into the fall term. 
Please forward any questions regarding books or the Emory Mercantile to Terry Richardson at
Mr. J. Ryan Bowyer, M.S.Ed. 
Associate Provost & Dean of Students