College Logo and Wordmark

Emory & Henry College’s primary signature is composed of the wordmark “Emory & Henry College” and a shield containing a column and the founding date, 1836.

The wordmark “Emory & Henry College” is set in a custom Goudy Old Style Bold type, customized specifically for Emory & Henry. No substitute may be used for this wordmark.

The logo and wordmarks are customized for Emory & Henry College. No substitute may be used.

Do not attempt to recreate the logo. The logo may not be altered in any way and should always be used in the proportion and configuration shown in this manual.

The development and use of any other logo for Emory & Henry College is prohibited. There should be no more logos developed to represent the College.

The primary logo is the default logo and should appear on all EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS and items unless there is a valid reason to use the secondary, wordmark or lettermark.

The primary and secondary logos are interchangeable for INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS.

Symbolism of the logo

The traditional Goudy font, customized for the wordmark, echoes the College’s ongoing commitment to its core values. The upward motion of the ampersand balances tradition with the transformational qualities of the institution.

The 1836 reminds us of the College’s longevity and proud history, while the pillar represents its high academic standards in the liberal arts tradition and the outstanding faculty.

The shield demonstrates the strength of
our commitment to service as we strive to overcome the challenges to individuals and to our close and global communities.