Online Class Participation

Attending vs. Participating. 

Attending class online doesn’t mean just signing into Zoom or Moodle. That is the virtual equivalent of just “showing up.” What it really means is participating – in discussion board posts or in collaborative activities and live sessions when possible, and in engaging in the materials. Be present and engaged! 

Find a partner in each of your courses.

  • Make a pact with them to help support each other inside and outside of class. 
  • Set-up times to virtually connect with them to study
  • Talk about the class materials and, where appropriate, work on class assignments or review and give feedback on each other’s work.   

Follow proper “netiquette” when participating online.

  • Share your point concisely and clearly. Stick to the point when writing posts. 
  • Verify facts before posting.
  • Provide proper credit citing and referencing other’s work as appropriate.  
  • Check for spelling/grammar errors and do not use slang.  
  • Respect others with the appropriate choice of language. 
  • Exercise caution when using humor online. It can easily be misinterpreted.