Academic Support & Tutoring

Quantitative Learning Center / Math Tutoring:

Dr. Crystal Hall will have Zoom drop-in tutoring hours for Math 121 from 6-6:30 p.m. on Wednesday evenings, and Zoom drop-in tutoring hours for Math 100 from 6:30-7 on Wednesday evenings. Click those links during those times to join the tutoring session.

For other math tutoring needs, please send a request to the student services support email,

Writing Center:

To learn more about opportunities for writing support during online classes for the rest of this semester, please see the Writing Center webpage

Supplemental Instruction and Peer Tutoring:

The SI and peer tutoring programs have been suspended due to the difficulty of facilitating this support in an online environment. As always, your faculty are available for individualized support during office hours–which will now be online–and via email.