Policies and Procedures For Students to Contact Program Representative Regarding Emergencies

In an emergency, regardless of location or activity, the student should seek immediate medical attention or help.


If a student has an emergency or urgent need, the student is required to reach out to the Director of Didactic Education (DDE) or designated individual if in the didactic phase of the program, or Director of Clinical Education (DCE) or designated faculty member if in the clinical or summative phase of the program. Students should reach out to the designated individual within 24 hours if possible and, if not possible, as soon as possible.


In such cases, the student should send an email to the designated individual as follows:


  • In the subject line of the email type, “EMERGENCY” or “URGENT NEED”
  • In the body of the email:
  • Concisely describe the concern or incident without specifically stating any sensitive personal or medical information
  • List a phone number where you may be contacted (the designated individual will attempt to contact you at this number).


The student is still required to submit the MPAS Student Incident/Injury Report Form and/or Absence Request Form(s). Forms and further information can be located in EValue.