Dixie Holliday


Asheville, NC



Why I chose Emory & Henry:

I chose Emory & Henry College because I knew that I would be able to make an impact in the local community while earning my degree and becoming a global citizen.

Activities I'm involved in:

Honors Program, Emory Activities Board, Student Government Association, Bonner Scholars, Residence Life, Marching Band, Women’s Student Union, Young Democrats, Emory Climate Collaborative, Ampersand Ambassador

My favorite place on campus:

The picnic tables outside of Van Dyke

A project that I'm excited to work on:

My honors thesis!

One thing I want to do while in college:

 Make an impact in the local communities surrounding Emory & Henry.

How I want to change the world:

Provide more representation for women working in the accounting field and prove that we can be just as successful as men can.

Life after graduation:

I hope to be able to continue traveling the world and to one day become the CFO of a major non-profit organization.

  • Dixie Holliday


Asheville, NC