College Library & Information Technology Services

Kelly Library
Kelly Library functions as the heart of the College’s academic program. Library staff work with faculty and students to develop research skills, provide a wide range of support services, and enhance the teaching and learning experience. The library’s print and electronic holdings are designed to support the areas of studies offered at the College and to encourage intellectual and personal growth in a liberal arts setting. The Frederick T. Kelly Library provides easy access to more than 300,000 items including books, ebooks, periodicals, government documents, DVDs, compact discs, and electronic databases. Kelly Library subscribes to approximately 320 periodicals and newspapers in print, and over 100,000 full-text periodicals and newspapers in electronic databases available through the Library’s website. These resources can be accessed on library workstations, as well as off-campus and on personal devices. The library has professional librarians available to provide individualized and group instruction in the use of the library and its All exceptions to the regular schedule are posted on the door, and on the library’s web page and social media. See the library’s web page for details on their policies and procedures.

The Marion campus has a library resource room that is open when the building is open to students. Students have access to the library resource room when on the Marion campus. The resource room includes printed materials related to the program (e.g., books, journals) as well as computers and a printer. Students can access the Kelly Library via the computers in the resource room and throughout the entire building via wireless access.