Campus Conduct Hotline

Emory & Henry College is committed to conducting its operations with integrity by engaging in lawful, ethical, and respectful practices. For this reason, we encourage members of the campus community to make any concerns known to the College. Whether these concerns relate to fraud or crime, security or internet abuses, or fraudulent financial or business practices, violations, or ethical concerns, the doors of college administrators, supervisors, and Human Resources are always open. If students have a question or concern about a possible violation of Emory & Henry’s policies or the law, the College encourages them to express their concerns to any campus administrator.

Occasionally, a faculty, staff or student may have a concern that he or she would like to express anonymously. For these occasions, the college participates in a service called the Campus Conduct Hotline at (866) 943-5787. The Campus Conduct Hotline system is available for use around the clock, seven days a week. Because the Hotline is operated by an independent organization, any calls made through this Hotline are completely confidential. The hotline operator will record the complaint or concern and forward it to the appropriate staff member at Emory & Henry College for review and action as appropriate. Callers to the hotline may remain anonymous.