June 10, 2020-Emory & Henry College Announces Plans for Fall Semester

Classes will resume on the Emory campus on August 17.

Based on recommendations from the College’s COVID-19 Task Force, classes on the Emory campus will begin on Monday, August 17 and the semester will end on Tuesday, November 24, prior to Thanksgiving. 

This amended calendar ensures that the College complete a full semester of instruction, meeting all requirements for class days and other directives of the Department of Education, and provides that students do not have to travel and return to campus after the holiday, avoiding the concerns over a resurgence of the virus in the late fall.

The fall semester will be divided into two 7-week terms, based upon the student’s current class schedule. Details about daily class scheduling and distribution of classes between the two terms will follow. Every effort is being made to build in safe distancing and other health measures, in accordance with public health guidelines.

The main goal is to provide the distinctive quality educational experience that Emory & Henry students value and have come to expect. In preparing for fall classes, faculty are taking into account the need to be flexible, adaptive and creative regarding the uncertain situation.

The COVID-19 Task Force has been meeting regularly to consider the possible contingencies for operations going forward. In order to do so, the College has to ensure that every policy and practice on campus is thoroughly studied and is designed to guard the health and safety of all of those in the campus community; to that end, a number of working groups are exploring and making recommendations on a full range of scenarios on campus that must be considered. Emory & Henry will share these plans as they become finalized. 

Emory & Henry continues to track and monitor information from public health officials and from the governor’s office that will help shape the ultimate plans for the fall semester. 

Classes on the Marion campus will begin August 24; details of the School of Health Sciences calendar will be available separately.